What is it?

The first and easiest step you will ever take in aviation is the introduction flight. Come see what it is all about. You've navigated to this page so you're obviously interested and there's no amount of pictures or YouTube videos that can rival the experience you will have when you take the controls on your first take-off.

Here's how it works

First you call and schedule the flight. Ask any questions you want but make sure you reserve a date and a time. Bring a camera and bring a friend to document this once in a lifetime adventure. You will never forget the first time you set foot into an airplane with the controls at your hands and feet.

We will meet at the airport and go over some information about aviation and the process for getting a pilot license. Then we'll talk about the airplane and general ideas behind flying it. Alright enough of the boring stuff, we go out and see the airplane. Each flight begins with a thorough inspection of the airplane and all of its systems. Once everything is in order, we start the engine and taxi to the runway for takeoff.  Once we have our takeoff clearance I'll ask you to push the throttle all the way forward and watch the runway start disappearing at our feet. At the proper airspeed you will pull the nose of the airplane up over the horizon and we will no longer earth bound beings. After the takeoff, we head to the flight training area and learn some of the basic fundamentals of flight all while inhaling the amazing scenery through that huge smile on your face. You will handle everything during the taxi, takeoff, and cruise portions of the flight. Don't worry, you can handle it. I will be supervising at all times and helping you get a feel for operating the airplane in a smooth and safe fashion. We come back for a landing and taxi the airplane back to parking and shut it down. Take some final pictures and that's it.

After the flight you will go home and tell everyone encounter within a 50 foot radius how spectacular your day was and that you are seriously considering getting your private pilot license. 

How much is it?

The introductory flight is a special price of $100. It comes with a first flight certificate and a free six month membership to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Flight Training Magazine. No further commitment is ever necessary.

But I'm not sure

Well that's why there is an introductory flight. It will answer all of your questions, tell you whether or not this sort of thing is for you, and either way it leaves you with an experience you will remember for a lifetime.